Only Up Skibidi Toilet

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In the game “Only Up Skibidi Toilet” you need to help the human-headed toilet from the internet series about skibidi toilets to climb to the top of the structure. To do this, you will have to take a difficult path of artificial clutter. The game is made in the style of a three-dimensional platformer and has its own peculiarities of controls, which make it even more interesting.

What is waiting for you during the passage?

The player needs to pass a rather difficult route, which is built from the surrounding objects. You need to find ways to climb as high as possible, for which you need to jump over objects, find convenient places for climbing, as well as correctly assess the trajectory of the jump. You start from the location of the school, above which there are a lot of cars, road sections and other objects hanging in the air. You first need to find a way how to climb the structure, and then lay the route further.

How to play?

You have access to the standard controls for this genre, but the hero responds to commands with certain features. Jump into the distance he can only with a certain acceleration, as otherwise it will only be a jump up. Turns and other actions are performed with a slight lag, so from the very beginning you may experience difficulties with responsiveness. But having mastered such nuances, you can continue to enjoy the exciting process.

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