Only Up Speedrun

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When you’ve already grown skilled enough at a particular game and know every level like the back of your hand, it’s not that thrilling to replay your favorite parts anymore. Unless you try to beat the clock! Only Up Speedrun takes the sky-high adventure of the curious kid to an even dizzier level by challenging you to repeat your journey, but this time as fast as you can!

Higher – and faster!

In this turbocharged adventure, time is your best friend and your most ruthless enemy. You’re not just running, you’re sprinting like a some kind of a cloud cheetah! The goal is simple: go faster than a rocket-powered eagle and set mind-blowing time records that’ll make your grandma’s dentures fall out.

Imagine yourself zooming through the colorful world with the speed of a jet. Every second counts, and there’s no room for slacking. You’ll be zipping past those obstacles like a sky ninja. Jump, slide, and swerve through the treacherous paths without giving it a second thought – cause you will hardly have time for one!

You’ll need to master every shortcut, exploit every glitch, and discover secret routes that even the developers didn’t know existed. It’s all about finding the fastest and craziest ways to conquer this wild sky-high playground. It’s a mad dash to the finish line, and the faster you go the better!

Set new records, conquer new heights and have a blast!

In Only Up Speedrun, it’s not just about exploring the skies and enjoying your journey at a comfortable pace anymore. You have to make it to the end of another spectacular level in a matter of minutes. The game keeps motivating you to set new time records and rewards you lavishly for it. So if you want to be among the fastest and coolest sky travelers, you need to push forward and up!

Say nothing of the sheer joy of racing in the clouds! Imagine yourself leaping from one hanging bridge to another, your heart pounding like a wild drum solo and your adrenaline off the charts. You’re free, you’re happy, you’re your own hero! So every time you feel like taking off the dull old land and spreading your metaphorical wings, Only Up Speedrun is here to lift you up and keep you flying. Enjoy the skies, the speed and the thrill!

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