Only Up 3

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Remember a tale about Jack and the magic beans? Well, here is a modern version of it! Only instead of the beans you have a plethora of platforms, suspensions and aircrafts to carry you up and your own determination to reach the sky. Together with a little boy who’s the protagonist of this charming story, you’re about to climb into the very clouds and see all the miracles that soar high above the mundane ground!

Reach for the skies and touch the clouds!

Only Up 3 invites you on a truly head-spinning journey. As you ascend higher and higher, the world beneath you will transform into a mesmerizing tapestry of wonder. Clouds will become your stepping stones, and the stars will twinkle in delight as you soar through the celestial canopy. You’ll witness jaw-dropping landscapes and encounter fantastical creatures that will leave you breathless.

Can you get even higher?

But hey, it won’t be a stroll in the park. We’ve got obstacles and traps lurking around every corner. Don’t sweat it, kiddo, you’re armed with the power of determination and the spirit of adventure! Use your quick reflexes and cunning to navigate through the challenges. Jump over hurdles, slide under barriers, and swing across chasms like a true acrobat. Leave earth far below, soar to the highest celestial realms and reconnect with your inner child as you make your way through the marvelous and fascinating world of Only Up 3! May the skies favor you!

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