Deeeer Simulator

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Do you want to enjoy a really absurd adventure? Then it is surely Deeeer Simulator, a whimsical activity that will bring you lots of fun and joy. The gameplay is designed in a humorous style, where you take on the role of a deer. The hero is restless and full of energy. And he is ready to traverse the open world and create incredible chaos and mischief. Are you ready for such an unconventional experience? So enter this cool entertainment to embrace it all!

Your deer has unique powers!

It will sound weird but your quirky character possesses some cool abilities. So what are these? The protagonist can stretch his heck, fly around with rocket-powered hooves and even use different weapons. These characteristics allow him to create enough mess whenever he wants to. So you roam around towns, forests, mountains, and even underwater environments. The game’s physics-based interactions make for entertaining and unpredictable gameplay, as you can jump, kick, headbutt, and throw objects with quite unexpected consequences. The list of potential activities is endless – explore it to the fullest.

Overcome trials and challenges!

There are a lot of comical and absurd situations you will find yourself in. You can cause havoc by ramming into vehicles, launching yourself into the air using trampolines, or employing creative tactics to overcome challenges. Sometimes, you will have to defeat various opponents that will emerge on your way. Completing these missions rewards you with experience points, allowing you to unlock additional powers and abilities for your deer. Besides, you can customize the hero and experiment with his appearance. And what is really exciting – you can even generate some adventures of your own. So do not miss the opportunity to test this unique simulator and laugh a lot.

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