Papa’s Burgeria

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If you love games devoted to time management, do not miss Papa’s Burgeria online simulator. In this cool entertainment, you get a job the popular fast food restaurant that belongs to the famous chef in the city. But your boss leaves for holidays, and you are left absolutely alone in charge of the restaurant. Now you must prove you can still handle everyday tasks and maintain a good reputation of the burgeria. It will be a challenge!

Make delicious burgers!

The main task of the player is to satisfy the culinary desires of all the clients. You will need to cook burgers from different ingredients and components and experiment with toppings and flavors. Before new customers appear in your burgeria, you can prepare everything you need to complete all the potential orders. As a rule, each client will describe in detail the desired dish. He will give you details of what he wants – ketchup, cutlet, cucumber, topping and so on. Now you need to cook a burger and all all these ingredients without fail. If you do everything correctly, your account will start grow quite quickly, and you will be able to expand your restaurant.

Earn points and attract more clients!

The key idea is not make a mistake while preparing the next order. If you manage to complete a burger fully matching the customer request, you can get good tips and high praise from visitors. It will make you good advertising and new visitors will be keen on your talents. You will need to serve more and more clients every day, so you must work as a bee to please them all. This cool simulator will enhance your managerial skills while you will enjoy an engaging process of cooking burgers. Do not waste any more time – hurry up to prove you are the coolest burger chef ever. You will like this immersive activity.

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