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Skibidi is renowned for its steely nature and humor, and they’ve made it to the expanse of the Only Up!

Get ready for a hilariously absurd adventure, where the protagonist is none other than Skibidi Toilet, a cheerful ceramic throne with dreams of soaring to the skies. Fueled by absurd and quirky determination, he ascends from one platform to another in a quest to touch the heavens. Encounter peculiar obstacles, navigate through wacky challenges, and revel in the zany antics of this hero as it embarks on its skyward escapade.

What do you need to get to the coveted top?

To successfully complete this incredible project, you will not do without distance calculation, precise aiming, a sense of timing and much more. Don’t be frightened: despite the game’s demanding nature, it pays you back ten times over with pleasure for your spent nerve cells! Trust us without doubts!

How to play

Use a unique control scheme. Utilize the keyboard arrows or on-screen buttons to help our character jump from one object to another. Ensure you leap precisely to avoid hilarious mishaps and navigate through an array of bizarre hurdles. Be wary of unexpected twists and turns – this project thrives on its sudden comedic elements.
Guide the Toilet or other hero from this universe in this outrageous trip to the clouds! Let’s do it!

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