Parkour Block 2

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After incredible success of Minecraft, games designed in a pixelated style has become really widespread. Funny characters build of little cubes have lots of fans and become characters of all possible scenarios. This time, a pixelated personage will try to prove he is smart and agile despite his somewhat clumsy design. So what is the mission of the hero in this new online adventure? It is parkour challenge! You will need to help the protagonist to overcome endless obstacles and reach the destination point successfully. It sounds very easy, but soon you will have a different opinion.

A bit about parkour

This is a run where you are facing never-ending barriers and obstacles. The character needs to run without a stop. Thus, there is absolutely no time for him to stop and analyze how to deal with this or that trial. It is one of the main tasks of the runner to solve these questions on the go, without stopping even for a second. You need strong reaction and creativity to make correct and timely decisions to successfully move forward. Only the smartest users usually can pass all the levels of parkour games. This particular entertainment has very simple-looking design, though it will be a real struggle to complete it smoothly.

Do not miss a block!

In this particular game, your hero will have to move from one block to another. You start after a signal and need to reach the finishing line without falling down. The gaps between the platforms will be bigger every time, and you will need to work hard to jump it over. Some cubes are moving, so you should also remain concentrated to move in time to land on two feet on a new place. If you happen to make a mistake, you will immediately lose all your progress. This activity is great for kids and adults. Improve your reaction and just spend time with pleasure.

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