Floating Sandbox

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Put on your captain (or pirate) hat and dive into the wacky and unpredictable world of Floating Sandbox! This is a sandbox like no other, with gallons of water and tons of fun. Just check it out and see for yourself!

Embark on high seas and raise some waves!

Imagine floating in an endless expanse of water, armed with an arsenal of tools and a whole bunch of objects at your disposal. From boats to planes, from buildings to rockets, you have the power to create, destroy, and tinker with the laws of physics like they don’t mean anything.

This is what Floating Sandbox is all about! Build regular vessels and massive floating fortresses, stage epic shipwrecks and spectacular naval battles, summon storms and tsunamis and enjoy the sight of chaos kicked off by that mischievous finger of yours. The ocean is at your command, and you can make both really scenic and truly dangerous!

Options and possibilities immense as the ocean itself!

And the customization options? In Floating Sandbox, you can modify and tweak everything to your heart’s content. Want to change the weather? No problem. Think the default ship design is too boring? Add a pinch of color and insanity to it! It’s like having a control panel for the entire seas, with all the knobs and buttons set to maximum madness. So get ready to embark on this crazy voyage, think outside the box (or rather, sandbox) and let your imagination soar to new heights (or rather, sink to new depths)!

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