Only Up 3D Parkour: Go Ascend

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The female version of Only Up is here! That’s right because men aren’t the only ones who can be determined and strong. Shall we put that to the test?

In this captivating adventure, take the reins of a courageous girl. She has gathered her will in her fist and is going to climb so high to the heavens, where no other person has reached yet. And she really needs your support and great control, but more about that later.

Unravel the mystery of the skies

Leap fearlessly from one floating object to another, showcasing your mastery of jumping and perfect timing. The environment here is quite strange: it’s a whole celestial labyrinth created out of anything, as it seems at first glance. Only the chosen one can see the hidden essence and message of the developers. Are you one of them?

Climb to unprecedented heights, and guard against the perilous plunge back to the ground. Fortunately, your nimble protagonist possesses exceptional jumping abilities, effortlessly grasping ledges while executing fascinating leaps.

How to play

Seamlessly maneuver the girl, guiding her precise movements as she navigates the floating landscape with WASD keys. Show a well-timed jump, ensuring each leap propels her higher into the sky using the spacebar. Embrace the power of teleportation with a press of the T key, that instantaneously transports the girl to the next platform!

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