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Do you love games that fully immerse you in fear? Then you should try The Backrooms. In this online adventure, you are just offered to find an exit from a maze. But it is going to be the scariest and gloomiest location you have even seen. There are no opponents here, you act absolutely alone. But the creepy feeling of hopelessness will fill all of you. Are you in the mood to run away or still want to give it a try? Prove you have enough courage for this challenge!

Explore the environment!

The place where you start your thrilling adventure does not look scary at first glance. It is just an endless enfilade of rooms of corridors that look almost identical. All of them are old and covered with retro-looking wallpaper. The premises are empty and lit with dim bulbs. So you start walking, and as you pass one room by another, you seem to be losing your hope to find an exit. This labyrinth is literally endless. Besides, you develop a suspicion that you are being watched by someone. Even there is nobody to be seen around, your eyes notice strange shadows, and ears catch alarming noises. Maybe you are just losing your sanity? Or is it someone’s evil joke?

Do not give up!

Many players will not have enough determination to complete this tricky task. As you can imagine, their outcome will be quite painful. But you do not want to be trapped here forever, right? So you must think hard to find a solution. Look around and explore even those objects that seem useless. You will find enough hints to create a survival strategy. Do not miss even pieces of paper – these may contain important messages that will help you remain alive. Overall, this game is an exciting collection of puzzles to tease your brain and logic. Prove you are player who will successfully escape the dreadful maze.

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