Stick War: Infinity Duel

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Cool stickmen are everywhere in the gaming universe. These fragile-looking creatures become protagonists of all sorts of adventures. They participate in puzzle challenges, take part in parkour and of course, they like to fight. Actually, their appearance is somewhat deceiving. Seemingly weak and clumsy they often turn out to be strong and agile. In this new stickman adventure, you will assume the role of one of these personages to defeat your opponent.

Dive into a series of duels!

You take control of a stick figure warrior. The hero will engage in one-on-one combat against endless opponents. Each round has a fixed time, and your success fully depends on your reaction and precision. Players must strategically choose their attacking methods, use defense tricks and abilities to outwit and destroy their adversaries. The array of weapons is wide – from swords and bows to heavy hitters. You will need to check the menu to see different types of warriors. Each of them comes with their own distinct fighting style, weapons, and special abilities. Moreover, you will be able to customize them all. And new achievements will unlock new cool skins. Focus on progress and collect stars to get access to new game features.

Play against real opponents

You are not limited only to rounds against artificial intelligence. The fights can be enjoyed with real players. You can enjoy multiple game modes. The main one is campaign, where you need to defeat a variety of challenging opponents in a number levels and different environments. This cool fighter offers an addictive experience. So if you love dynamic games with duels and the necessity to act without delay – consider this entertainment. Enjoy a new role of cute stickmen. The project is appropriate for all players, even the smallest ones.

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