Bed Wars

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This thrilling multiplayer represents a mixture of multiple genres, including strategy, teamwork, and resource management. The gameplay is designed for 16 players that are split into four teams. Each team gets a separate island where they construct their base. And a bed is a central element of each base. Your primary goal is to protect this bed until the very end of the confrontation. As long as your bed is intact, your team members will be able to respawn. But the same story is with teams of your opponents. So you must destroy them to get rid of your adversaries.

Protect and attack!

There are four people in your team. You need to distribute several roles between them all. Appoint someone to collect resources on island. You will need these to purchase various building materials. Another person should be constructing protective fortifications. And the remaining players will be building bridges to reach the islands of enemies and destroy their beds. You will become a winner only if you manage to destroy the beds of the other three teams while your own is not touched. Make sure you develop an efficient strategy to remove the adversaries one by one. Good luck in this challenge!

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