Marvel’s Spider – Man Remastered

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Welcome to a new adventure of Spider-Man. You may have already played the original game, and now you will be glad to learn that the story continues! This time, you will discover a remastered version of the entertainment. Let’s recollect the scenario. You play for a Spider-Man, a personage with unique abilities that is not afraid of height and walls. The hero can easily climb vertical surfaces and jump from one roof to another. The protagonist is in trouble. The major of the city blames him for the crimes he has not committed and orders to capture him. You are to ruin this evil plan!

Avoid pursuers and dangers!

You should help Spider-Man return his good reputation. It will be extremely difficult as his enemies are following him literally on his heels. Make sure you use all the unique powers of the character to overcome endless traps that his opponents set for him. You will have to find solution from plenty of situations that seem hopeless. Be brave to act and maneuver. Feel yourself powerful and able to destroy anyone who is against you. All the scenes were inspired by New York, so you will also be able to enjoy stunning views of the most famous city areas. Have fun!

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