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The Vex series is a collection of dynamic adventures, in which players can test, train and enhance their agility skills. Your personage is a black stickman who has excellent reflexes and reaction. He will continuously need to showcase his abilities to cope with various challenges. Every time, there is a distance he must cover safe and sound and masterfully avoid deadly traps and devices that can kill him instantly. But he will not succeed without your help. Are you ready to come to rescue and guide the hero through all hurdles? Then let’s start on the sixth installment of the series.

What’s new in this chapter?

As in previous Vex episodes, you will be repeatedly exposed to all sorts of dangers and risk. There are all possible devices on your way that can either cut you or smash to pieces. Unfortunately, this time, all challenges are far more difficult than you have already faced. It will be impossible to pass them all smoothly on the first try. The only way to enhance the skills and keep the number of deaths to a minimum is to keep playing until you are fluent in all techniques of the game. Do not forget that you also need to develop a perfect feeling of the timing.

Improve your character

This game remains very popular because of various cool features the player can enjoy. Each level is created with special focus on the smallest detail. Users will need to discover lots of hidden areas and secrets. Players who succeed will be rewarded with extra points and bonuses to help them advance even further in the game. Besides, you will be able to continuously upgrade your personage and unlock new powers to use. Boost your logic and challenge your reaction in this engaging adventure. Players of all ages will adore this dynamic walkthrough. Prove you are still in a good shape and can easily cope with this new episode.

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