Backflip Maniac

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Are you a courageous player that is not scared to perform thrilling backflips and stunts? This game will challenge you for such a risky activity. Do not rush away, this acrobatic adventure is definitely worth attention. You will take a skilled personage under your control who needs to show agility and strong skills to maneuver in a dangerous environment. The character needs to make impressive flips to progress through many levels. If you believe your timing and precision are fine, let’s do it!

What’s your task?

Everything is very simple – your hero stands on a platform located at some height. You have to press on the character and press it to squat. Once you are ready to jump – release the button. Even if the task seems very intuitive to perform, you will have to land in a particular place and in an upright position. Only if you successfully manage to complete this quest, you will be admitted to the next level. Although this activity seems ridiculous, it is a great simulator to enhance your reflexes and agility. Every new level will take your personage to a new height. So it will be harder and harder to land him correctly. So dive into this cool adventure for new achievements.

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