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Only Up


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Only Up Game Online Play Free

Flat old earth is too boring for you? Let’s aspire for some truly amazing heights! Only Up takes you on a wild journey into the skies as you take control of an adventurous kid on a mission to discover what secrets and wonders hide in the clouds. Climb and fly higher and higher, show unearthly reflexes and gasp at the enchanting celestial sights!

The sky is calling!

Only Up revolves around the adventures of a little boy named Jack who once decided to leave the comfort of his on-land home and just see how high the sky really is. You have to make your way as far and as high as possible using various surfaces and moving objects to get through colorful 3D levels packed with all kinds of fascinating stuff. Those same objects can easily turn into obstacles though, so stay sharp, keep your fingers on the keyboard and your feet on track!

Your journey up won’t be easy and trouble-free. You’ll have to race, jump, dodge and sometimes even fall, taking a leap of faith every time you take off the steady surface and launch yourself into a free flight. With every level, you’ll ascend even higher, discovering new amazing locations and enjoying the marvelous views that open up from them. Just make sure you don’t get dizzy when you look down!

Race, jump, soar and get higher!

To make a successful trip to another checkpoint, you have to be quick on your feet and fast to react. Picture yourself running across a wobbly bridge, hopping from one wooden plank to another like a parkour champion. One misstep, and you’ll find yourself plunging into the unknown depths below. That’s where your arcade skills and reflexes kick in – with a quick tap or click, you’ll conquer those gaps and keep climbing higher!

But it’s not always something to step on. More than once, you’ll find yourself swinging from rope to rope like Tarzan, and leaping across platforms nothing short of some sky variety of kangaroo. These dynamic elements will challenge your timing and precision, demanding quick reactions and split-second decision-making. It’s a crazy circus act up in the sky, and you’re the star of the show!

Nothing unreal in this game!

Hold on, we’re just getting started! Get ready to ride balloons and aircrafts as well! Imagine hopping onto a hot air balloon, feeling the wind in your hair as you soar up miles at a time. Or strapping yourself onto a propeller-powered aircraft, soaring through the clouds like a daredevil pilot. These thrilling rides will require you to navigate through the sky, avoiding obstacles and collecting power-ups to fuel your ascent. It’s like a high-flying carnival with you as the main attraction!

And surely, one can’t go past the mind-blowing physics. Everything in Only Up feels incredibly real, although you can clearly see that it’s all just colorful fantasy. It gives you a chance to live out your childhood dreams and take a thrilling break from everyday adult reality. So don’t waste this chance right! Embark on this wonderful sky trip and see where the wind and your own legs take you!

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