Parkour Boss

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This is another running adventure that will test your reflexes and reaction in no time. The genre is extremely popular, but playing one and the same game becomes boring very soon. So developers keep impressing their big audience with new plots and scenarios. This time, you are to run along the platforms and reach the destination without major incidents. If you love this type of online entertainment, you know well that there are no mistakes allowed while you are moving. Are you ready to prove again you are smart enough for any trial?

Use a hook to make it easier!

Luckily, this time you will be able to use a special device to slightly simplify the walkthrough. It is a special hook that you can activate to move forward. Be very careful as the platforms are situated above endless lava. Just one wrong step will send you downwards. In this case, you will be returned back to the starting point. Do not worry if you do not have enough experience in parkour. The first levels are quite simple even for beginners. Just take time to learn how all controls work to make it right. The difficulty of the game will gradually increase, but you will surely enjoy this never-ending trial!

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