2 Player: Only Up

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The game 2 player only up is a competitive platformer in which two players can participate at the same time. Here you can play two players on the same keyboard, trying to climb as high as possible and collect the maximum number of points to win the competition.

Mode Features

You are given one very large location on which a relatively easy route is built. The screen is divided into two parts, one where you see your character and the other where you see your opponent. Players start from the same point and can see each other. Otherwise, the rules of the game series remain the same. You must constantly climb to a height, and if you fall, you start the route again. Thanks to the competitive component, trying to get ahead of each other, you can make more mistakes and will catch up with the other from a greater distance. The game has primitive graphics, but there is a pleasant musical accompaniment.

How to play?

Each player has a tooltip with control buttons. You can turn and control the camera at the same time. You can also use the jump to overcome pits and other obstacles. On the way to the highest point you need to collect various bonuses in the form of spinners. This also introduces an element of competition, as for some bonuses you will have to move away from the main line of the route and spend extra time on it.

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