Poly Bridge 2

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It is a new part of the famous building simulator. However, you are not going to construct towns and cities as you may have thought. This time, you will design and build bridges. Sounds exciting, right? So let’s get started! At first glance, it may seem that the task is very primitive and creating a bridge takes just a few clicks. But it is a wrong opinion. You will have to become a true engineer to succeed. The thing is that you will have to take into account tons of details to come up with a reliable solution.

Build strong bridges!

Every time you receive a new order, it will be accompanied by a whole list of conditions that you must consider. These include type of transport, environment and other nuances. The idea is that you should create a strong and reliable construction that would withstand particular weight and fit different vehicles. Just one mistake may lead to terrible accidents and consequences. Get access to a vast range of materials for each order. How many unique bridges will you be able to build? You will have to demonstrate not only strong mathematical skills but also creativity. You will love this engaging project that allows you to realize your unique ideas.

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