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One of the appealing features of online games is that they allow players to experience roles they can hardly enjoy in real- life. And Teardown is one of such projects. It is a simulator. But unlike most of the stories from this genre, you are not going to craft or create anything. On the contrary, you will be involved in destruction. In this unusual story, you will become a thief! You arrive to a location as a simple worker and look for things to steal. But there is one nuance that can significantly simplify this task – everything around you is destructible!

Create incredible havoc!

This unique feature of Teardown gives you unbelievable advantage. Just imagine you see a building in front of you that you want to penetrate. It is really easy – just break the wall and get in! The walls of houses, fences, cars, floors, ceilings – you can break everything you see around. However, you must act with care as your personage can get injured. If it happens, you will need to heal and restore your health level to continue. And also be very careful not to start security alarm as the police will immediately capture you. Enjoy an endless flow of destruction missions and quests! And remain safe!

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