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Listen up, fellow high-fliers! We’re going on a wild ride though the skies with Only Up! Get ready to unleash your inner problem-solving genius and soar to unimaginable heights using bridges, ropes, platforms, balloons, and even aircrafts. Buckle up, cause the only way is up, up, and away!

The sky is the limit!

Your journey won’t be a bed of roses. From gusts of wind that threaten to blow you off course to pesky birds that want to give you a feathered high-five, you’ll need the reflexes of a lightning bolt to dodge, duck, and dive your way through all these challenges. Only Up has lots of tricky curveballs to throw at you up its cloud-fluffy sleeves. So don’t get too distracted by marveling at the sights (and there is a lot to marvel at cause the graphics is state-or-the-art!) and keep your eyes on track!

Just when you thought you made it to another checkpoint, something unexpected bursts right in, and you find yourself tumbling down to the ground. Maybe that nasty plank cracks under your foot as you race along another hanging bridge, maybe a stray zeppelin suddenly crosses your path, or maybe there is a little hurricane flying in out of nowhere! You can never be sure, not at a height like that!

Wild as your childhood dreams!

So start off on a journey that will make your head spin and your heart beat loud as a drum! Only up is a delight to your eyes and a true test of your reflexes. And simply a nice and fun game to spend your free evening playing! Makes you wanna dream, fly and discover. And push ahead no matter what! Don’t wait any longer, remember what it’s like to be a kid with big wondering eyes and quick restless legs. Keep the pace up, react in a flash, and show those obstacles who’s the boss!

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