Minecraft Classic

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It will absolutely fair to say that there is no player who would not know about Minecraft. This cool pixelated simulator appeared years ago, but it seems to stay in demand all this time without effort. Furthermore, its popularity is only growing, inspiring fans to come up with other cool projects in the same design. But who remembers how that epic sandbox looked like when it was only created. Are you keen on learning more? Then welcome to Minecraft Classic where you will see everything with your own eyes. And not even see but also test!

World of blocks!

You will start in an environment where you need to build everything from simple blocks. In modern modification of the entertainment, the possibilities are honestly endless. But when it only started, the situation was a bit different. Your tools were limited to 32 types of blocks only. Then you need to use your creative ideas and combine them in a variety of ways to get weird structures. Now, it seems that your hands are tied with so restricted assortment of building materials. But let’s see what you actually can do with them? It is not so hopeless as you may think at the start.

There are no restrictions!

You are not limited by anything besides your creativity and imagination in this new variation of the old Minecraft version. Try to invent something new. Step by step, you will see the results of your work and will be inspired for further achievements. Players who prefer minimalism, will appreciate this thrilling release. Build your own pixelated world alone or together with your friends. The process is never-ending – you can rebuild and modify your creations as many times as you wish. Dive into this new adventure and prove you will have all skills to come up with something fabulous and unique. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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