Only Up: Stickman Parkour

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Thousands of cars and towers scattered across the sky. It’s all done for you – just try it!

Conquer to astonishing heights and enjoy this paradise!

Rush, leap, and cling to the edges as you navigate this world adorned with floating wonders. The adventure starts on a charming island surrounded by a picturesque harbor, where different objects are suspended in midair.

Don’t forget to collect your treasures. These precious coins serve as your ticket to unlocking new characters, setting checkpoints, and granting you the ability to return to safety when you face a misstep. Will you follow the conventional route, or will you dare to blaze your own trail, risking precious seconds for exhilarating shortcuts?

How to play

Take control of your stickman, guiding them through the maze with precision using WASD keys. Propel yourself into the air with a well-timed jump, clearing obstacles and reaching new heights – the Spacebar key is at your disposal! Explore your surroundings with a mouse, scanning the surreal landscape for the best path to ascend. Press the R key to safeguard your progress by returning to the nearest registered checkpoint, ensuring you never lose your way. The shift key will help you amp up your speed – hold it down while moving to make your stickman dash swiftly.
Overcome your fear of heights and soar like a bird!

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