Happy Wheels

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Some players give their preferences to games with an unconventional plot. If you are also of fan of such activities, here is something exciting for you. This is a project known as Happy Wheels. What is the objective of the player? You will only need to successfully pass an obstacle course. But there many nuances that will make it an unbelievable struggle. The first surprise is your character. There are actually several of them for you to choose. And all of them move on some wheels. However, these are rather weird transportation means – Segways, shopping carts, unusual bicycle, and even a wheelchair. Sounds intriguing? Then let the fun begin.

Overcome deadly obstacles!

So you need to guide your hero in his strange vehicle along the path full of trials. It should be mentioned that these obstacles can bring fatal injuries – you will face ramps, blades and spikes. It is easy enough to understand what will happen after a wrong maneuver. In the best case, your character will miss some limbs, but in other situations, he will be dead immediately. So your task is to avoid this outcome. This where you need to express your strongest agility skill and avoid all traps and dangers. Master all controls without fail to perform precise movements. It will be a thrilling adventure!

Be brave and creative!

The game comes with one great feature. You can add some content to it. In other words, you are offered tools to develop your own obstacle courses. Here you are free to experiment and combine different traps to your liking. After you complete it, share with other fans of the project. Alternatively, you can enjoy new levels created by other players. This is an excellent opportunity to interact with the audience and have incredible fun. This is a new gaming experience that everyone will appreciate.

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