Only Up 3D

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The game Only up 3d is a three-dimensional platformer that is based on the popular series about a nimble boy. He is required to climb up to reach the highest point. Here the main features of the genre are preserved and there is a fairly high level of complexity.

What can interest the game?

Here you are provided with a serious challenge in which you can test your skills of dexterity, attention and speed. Starting from the lower level of the construction site, you have to find various routes that will help you climb higher. The greater the distance to the ground, the more difficult the route becomes and the greater the risk of losing your progress. The environment is designed in the style of a construction site, so many of the components you’ll be traveling through are related to construction equipment, materials, and other such things. You move over scaffolding, crates, site roofs, and more.

How to play?

The game has fairly simple controls. The view is presented from the third person, you can move in different directions and jump. You need to climb as high as possible, jumping on crates, containers and other objects. Falling, you can not crash, but the whole path will have to go through again. To pass the level you can only get to the highest point and for this there can be several routes.

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