Getting Over It

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Some games can easily impress us with unusual scenarios and mission. If you love such unconventional stories, here one of them. There is only one personage in this plot and one task to complete. You will see a man that is stuck in a pot. He cannot get out of it no matter how hard he tries. Another thing that will immediately attract the player’s attention is a hammer he holds in the hand. This is going to be a key element you need to use to progress. The goal is to help the protagonist move up the hill. Is that realistic at all? Of course yes, but you will need to work hard.

Remember to be patient!

You will not achieve anything if you rush. Patience and determination are the skills you need to succeed. So how can you move up? You will need to swing your hammer and cling it to different objects ahead of you. This maneuver will help you move by one step. So gradually, you will climb up to the target. But not all your moves are going to be successful. You will fail and fall quite often. Do not give up in this case, just pull yourself together and continue your way. This game is a reflection of our lives which often puzzles us with difficulties and obstacles. If you approach the challenge correctly, you will easily cope with it.

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