Only Up! Enelosha

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The game only up enelosha is a complicated one, if you compare it with other representatives of “Only up”. Here you need not only to jump from one platform to another at a great height, but try to keep the balance of the character, as he can fall if you move incorrectly. Therefore, you need to master the additional control buttons and more responsibly approach the route.

Game plot

According to the plot, an alien named Enelosha finds himself on a planet of cubes. He wants to get out of this place, so he needs to get to his flying saucer. It is at the very top, so the matter turns out to be quite complicated. Complicating things is the gravity of the planet, which is different from what the alien is used to. You need to additionally balance and maintain the hero in a normal upright state. He can fall and then lift at altitude will be more difficult than on the ground. Otherwise, the rules are similar to the classic games of the series.

How to play?

You need to get the main character to the top of the cubic construction, many elements of which are just hanging in the air. You can jump high, run and grab the surrounding objects. At the same time, the character may not be able to stand on his feet and fall or lean to one side. This creates additional difficulties in control, so you will still need to learn how to control it.

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