Only Up: Forward!

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It’s a vertical journey you’ll remember for a long time. In the gaming world, there are no more such projects that can give such strong feelings of adrenaline and worries about the safety and integrity of your hero. Words are good, but you can fully appreciate the brilliance and awesomeness of this virtual product only by trying to play it at least once. This will be enough to understand which game is your favorite. Will you try it or are you afraid that your heart will not withstand, eh?

Thrilling Aspects

You can’t argue with the fact that this game is layered, and consequently, the player is required to be multifunctional. Just imagine: you need to judge the environment for hazards and special places where you are likely to get tripped over. You also have to be far-sighted and thoughtful, analyzing the upcoming challenges. There’s no need to talk about the quality of the controls!

How to play

Run and jump at the right moments, overcoming gaps and dangerous objects. Collect bright stars – you will definitely need them in the future!

Finally, this Only Up version is a groundbreaking platformer that delivers an unparalleled adventure. With its captivating visuals and cool gameplay, the project ensures an exciting and challenging experience for players of all ages. Are you ready to defy gravity and take the ultimate vertical test? The ascent begins now!

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