Only Up: Grimace

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The only up grimace game skillfully combines two game franchises, one being Grimace Shake and the other being Only Up Grimace. Here you play as Grimace, who finds himself stranded in a forest. You need to help him get out, and to do this you need to climb the highest point of the ones here. You will control the clumsy character, which is set a difficult acrobatic task.

What is interesting about the game?

First of all, here you will find an interesting combination of several universes, which allows you to take a different look at the familiar worlds and try to play for new characters. The environment is very well worked out here. Colorful graphics and dynamic gameplay are waiting for you. The passage is accompanied by a soundtrack in the form of a song about Grimace Shake.
The puzzles when passing the location are also quite well thought out. Here it is interesting to cope with the tasks set, the complexity of which increases with height. Closer to the top, every wrong step can lead to the fact that you will plummet to the ground. The character does not die, but the whole route will have to go through again.

How to play?

The classic rules for the game “Only Up” apply here. The only difference is that you have to control a clumsy character. He can run and jump, which is enough for platformers, and you need to push him forward so that he doesn’t fall down.

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