Only Up Unblocked

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When the whole land has been travelled and mapped out, what else is left out there for an intrepid explore like you? There is just one way you can go – Only Up! Who cares that you’re only ten years old and have no proper gear? It’s all about the sense of adventure! So do forget to put your cap on and take your umbrella, forget about rules and inhibitions altogether! There is a fabulous journey full of wonders and discoveries ahead of you, and it starts right now!

Good-bye, earth!

The main hero of Only Up is a curious and restless kiddo who is bored in his small provincial town and has all kinds of crazy ideas coming into his little head. One day he started wondering what’s out there, in the sky, where clouds float, stars twinkle and jets weave their melting white paths. And so he decided to see for himself. You can undertake this fantastic trip together with him and get to the highest tiers of the sky – of course, not without some difficulties and challenges that will arise in your way as you strive to get higher and higher!

There are plenty of amazing sights waiting for you ahead. As you ascend into the shining blue heights, you’ll get an astounding bird’s-eye view of your bustling cities and serene countryside, orderly farms and wild woods, majestic mountains and meandering rivers. You’ll encounter all sorts of aircrafts that can thwart your progress or carry you forth a hefty part of the route, depending on how you behave around them.

Fall, get up and climb even higher!

Only Up is a game where precision, agility and reflexes are an absolute must, so you’d better focus on the screen and get your fingers ready! Even a split second pause may cost you your life. It’s a good thing you will just respawn, no matter how high you had climbed and how long you had been falling down. But some of the progress will be lost, so try to minimize bitter mistakes! The skies are waiting, and they are an absolute blast! Start playing Only Up unblocked right now and enjoy every moment of your incredible adventure!

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