Obby Only Up Challenge

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The game Obby Only Up Challenge is an exciting dynamic adventure in which you, in the role of the main character named obby, must pass the obstacle course. Before you put quite a difficult task, as you need to show all your dexterity skills to get to the last point. During the passage you will face a variety of obstacles, including high-rise obstacles.

What is the game is about?

You need to overcome all the tasks that arise on the way. In this three-dimensional platformer, the view is presented from the third person. This gives you the opportunity to inspect the entire route in advance and find suitable ways to pass to it. Despite the fact that it is conceived linear, there are still places where you can shorten the path or bypass something, improving your final time result. Unlike many representatives of the series, there are save points here. After passing a difficult section, you can go to the black platform and save your own progress.

How to play?

The game has simple controls. You can walk, run, climb up and jump. Running can come in handy for accelerating to jump over a large pit. A varied and interesting route awaits players, each section of which has its own peculiarities. The obstacle course trials are really challenging, but also interesting.

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