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Have you ever played the classic Mafia game? Then you will surely enjoy its online interpretation. It is Among Us! The game has already won the hearts of millions of players. What is so special about this adventure? It is a cool story where you can assume the role of a detective or a criminal. And what is the most exciting – you never know what will happen the next moment or how the game will finish. Are you interested to learn more? Then get read put your best skills to the test in this intriguing adventure!

Enjoy a thrilling plot!

Among Us is simple yet captivating. Each round is designed for a group of players, ranging from 4 to 10 people and even more. Now they all need to cooperate to complete tasks. However, their roles will be different. Within this group, 1 to 3 players can opt for an impostor role. Their main objective is to eliminate all crew members. It must be done with utmost care, avoiding any suspicion. The peaceful astronauts, on the other hand, must investigate each murder and hold voting sessions to uncover the treacherous impostors. The team may sometimes make mistakes, resulting in the wrong player being eliminated. In this case cruel murders will continue.

How to win?

Two teams compete, with each of them trying to win. If you play as an impostor, your goal is to eliminate everyone on board while remaining undetected. Erase any evidence of your crimes and attack whenever you see your opponent alone. If you play as a crew member, your task is entirely different. You must complete routine spaceship maintenance tasks and investigate the mysterious deaths within your team. This unique adventure will challenge your thinking and analytical skills. It is fabulous entertainment for both kids and adults. Get ready to have fun and challenge your logic.

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