Rainbow Friends

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Hold on tight, because we’re about to dive into a spine-tingling adventure in an old, abandoned amusement park! In this creepy game, you play as a lost kid trapped in the eerie darkness of the park, with the clock ticking and a gang of scary Rainbow Friends lurking about. Can you survive?

Escape the creepy amusement park!

Imagine this: you’re surrounded by rusted roller coasters, broken ferris wheels, and creepy clown statues. It’s like being trapped in a nightmare carnival where every step could lead you closer to your freedom or deeper into the clutches of Rainbow Friends. They’re not your typical fluffy creatures, oh no. These monsters have their own specific traits and behaviors. And weaknesses!

To stay alive and escape the amusement park, you’ll need to become a Rainbow Friends expert. Study their patterns, observe their quirks, and discover their soft spots. One might be totally blind, and another can be easily distracted with food. It’s like playing the good old hide-and-seek with a colorful, fluffy twist.

Complete all the tasks and get away from Rainbow Friends!

But that’s not all! In order to make it through the five nights, you’ll also need to complete a task each night. It could be anything from repairing a broken ride to solving a mind-bending puzzle. Use your wits and demonstrate your best stealth skills playing Rainbow Friends online to make it out safe and sound!

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