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Collaboration of game projects has never been so popular, successful and exciting! Will the cubic world finally rise to the heavens and be put to the test of height?

Start from the bottom

Set against a backdrop of cascading waterfalls, lush forests, and awe-inspiring mountains, this character-testing game invites players to get new emotions. The plot revolves around a courageous protagonist determined to unearth the mysteries of a hidden world. Armed with nothing but determination and ingenuity, you delve deep into the heart of this fantastical landscape, encountering challenges, puzzles, and surprises along the way. More importantly, the game counts the altitude you are at. What do you think the maximum value can be, and will you get there?

How to play

Move through treacherous terrains, utilizing nimble movements and strategic jumps to overcome obstacles made of blocks. You have to use the keys to move and perform the most accurate jumps in the world to get to the main thing as soon as possible. The most important task and captivating dream is the golden crown. It is located so high that it may seem unattainable!
Don’t let the fear of hardship and heights overpower you, and take this unforgettable journey, where every step uncovers new possibilities and every discovery fuels the spirit of adventure!

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