That’s not my Neighbor

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In That’s Not My Neighbor, players step into a suspense-filled world set in 1955, where they assume the role of a vigilant doorman employed by the Doppelgänger Detection Department (D.D.D.). This unique simulation-horror game, conceived by Nacho Sama, pits players against clever doppelgängers attempting to infiltrate an apartment complex under the guise of ordinary residents. Your mission is to use keen observation and critical thinking to differentiate between true neighbors and these deceptive entities, with only a brief instructional film and the legacy of a predecessor, Henry, as guidance. As the doorman, you scrutinize IDs, verify reasons for visits against an apartment list, and watch for any peculiarities that might betray a doppelgänger’s disguise, all while the threat of making a potentially fatal mistake looms large.

Key Responsibilities:

– Inspecting identification documents for authenticity.
– Cross-referencing individuals with the official apartment resident list.
– Noting discrepancies or unusual behavior indicative of doppelgänger activity.

Challenges and Consequences:

– Distinguishing between genuine residents and doppelgängers with near-perfect disguises.
– Making the critical decision to either allow entry or activate the emergency protocol to prevent a breach.
– Facing the end-of-day evaluation, which tallies successes and oversights, including the tragic error of allowing a doppelgänger access or mistakenly denying a real neighbor, which directly impacts the player’s standing and the safety of the apartment’s residents.

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