Always Only Up!

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In the game always only up you play as a girl who wakes up in her bed and finds that her house has disappeared. Along with it, she sees home stairs and various objects that are hanging in the air. Except for the bed there is nothing on the ground, so the only way to understand something and learn about what is going on is to climb to the top of the structure.

Game Features

Your main character can move on planes and platforms, as well as jump upwards. Using such simple controls, you need to climb to the top of the structure from the stuff of your house. There are both challenging and easy areas present. In some cases, the items are just hanging in the air, so you need to calculate the exact jump to climb on top of them. If you don’t jump a bit, the heroine can pull herself up and climb, which in some situations is simply necessary. The higher you climb, the more clearly you need to calculate each of your steps.

How to play?

The game has simple controls waiting for you. You can set the direction and jump. Pulling up and landing is done automatically, if there is a possibility to get caught on something. Often things create several routes of passage, so you need to choose the appropriate option that corresponds to your strength and desires, since there are bonuses on difficult sections.

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