Only Up: Obby

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Hey! You’re invited to ascend from the earthbound realms to uncover the extraordinary vistas and surmount a myriad of challenges that lie in wait. Can you muster the determination and skill to conquer this labyrinthine vertical journey and stand triumphantly atop its lofty pinnacle?

A captivating labyrinth that aspires to the heavens ready to be conquered by you. And you?

The features

The world above is a tantalizing mystery, teasing your curiosity with every glimpse of the unknown. As you set forth, your reflexes and eye-hand coordination will be put to the ultimate test. Each jump, each strategic move, propels you higher, bringing you closer to the enigmatic heights above. The game’s allure lies not just in its challenges but in the sheer delight of exploration; the allure of the unreachable fuels your determination, making every victory taste sweeter.

How to play

With a graceful press of the spacebar, you can lift your hero up. Immerse yourself fully by wielding the mouse, allowing you to pivot your perspective with a mere hover. Navigate your surroundings, survey the obstacles, and plan your course meticulously. The camera becomes your eyes in this adventure, revealing secrets and challenges alike. Move the hero using WASD keys.
Have fun!

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