Only Up: Break the Record

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Our current protagonist is not impressive in appearance, as he is a cute and seemingly helpless little boy. We do not advise you to judge him by his appearance because his determination, fearlessness and professionalism could be envied by everyone!
Fueled by unyielding determination, he sets forth on an extraordinary mission to ascend to these otherworldly heights!


Your journey begins amidst the cobblestone paths of the neighborhood, each stone echoing the footsteps of generations past. The boy’s quest for the unknown commences with the discovery of hidden platforms, strategically placed like ancient stepping stones in the sky. These platforms, seemingly remnants of a forgotten civilization, offer precarious pathways to the clouds above. The higher he ascends, the more intricate the challenges become, testing his agility and resolve. Can you guide him through this precarious labyrinth and help him defeat the challenges of the celestial realm?

How to play

Raise the boy skyward with a press of the spacebar. Command his every move with WASD keys. Activate the slow-motion ability with the R key.

It’s an expedition into uncharted territory, a celebration of bravery, and a testament to the power of determination. Will you guide the young adventurer to the summit? The clouds whisper their challenges; are you ready to ascend? The sky calls, and your ascent begins now!

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