Only Up: Gravity Parkour 3D

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Something abandoned and exciting lurks at unimaginable heights. Do you want to go up there and check it out?

The plot

A lone adventurer, equipped with a trusty helmet, explores a long-forgotten factory suspended in midair. What makes this place truly intriguing is the surreal sight of floating objects – rusty pipes, cargo containers, and fuel tanks defying gravity.
Accompany the intrepid helmeted explorer as you step onto these floating relics, discovering the secrets hidden within the ethereal heights. Ascend from one precarious platform to another, navigating the complex maze of airborne objects. Each jump presents a challenge, demanding agility and precision. The journey is both thrilling and enigmatic, urging you to decipher the mysteries of this realm.

This project is a daring test of your parkour skills, where leaping from one platform to another is the only way forward. Fortunately, the game introduces strategic checkpoints, scattered strategically among the floating objects. Miss a jump? No worries – you can swiftly return to the nearest checkpoint, ensuring your progress is not lost.

How to play

Nothing special is required of you. Look around with the mouse on the screen, and you will need the keyboard to move forward and jump to your dream.
Higher, higher, you can do it! Well done!

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