Up & Only Up Again

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The game up only up again is quite an interesting representative of the series. It is a three-dimensional platformer, in which you get a lot of additional features, which makes the passage more interesting. To overcome difficult parts of the route, you can use new features and opportunities.

What is new in the game?

The main feature of this representative of the series is the presence of time slowdown mode. If you find it difficult to orient in the jump and direct your hero where you need to go, then this mode will be a great assistant. Taking into account the fact that here literally from the very beginning you are faced with difficult tasks, the use of slowdown will be mandatory for further advancement.
The second feature is the ability of the hero to cling to ledges. You can use it both to climb up in places where you can’t jump up, and to save yourself from falling down.

How to play

The rules are as simple as the rest of the games in the series. You need to climb from the lowest point to the highest. There are several levels of varying difficulty. You can activate additional skills to speed up and simplify the gameplay. If you fall, you start the level again and lose time. Here you are waiting for really difficult and exciting challenges.

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