Gas Station Simulator

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In this online simulator, you will run your own company. And it is going to be a gas station. As in other similar simulators, you start with a small site that does not look successful or promising. But it is entirely in your power to change the situation. Actually, it is the main mission of the project to rebuild the station and turn it into profitable business. You will have to work as a cleaner, salesman, tanker and repairman at the same time. The flow of customers will only grow, and you will need to serve them all. You must activate your task management skills to smoothly progress.

Earn and invest!

After you launch your gas station, it will start brining money. At first, your income will be quite modest. But accumulate everything you are able to earn. Soon, you will have enough funds to invest in upgrades. Purchase equipment and build additional premises. After some time, there will be so much duties that you will struggle to do them all on your own – it is time to hire assistants. So you will continuously expand your gas station until it is powerful and prosperous. Check your entrepreneurial skills in this engaging simulator – it has already attracted lots of players!

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