Only Up Beginning!

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The game only up beginning belongs to the genre of platformers made in three-dimensional style. It is one of the first games of the Only Up series. It is made in a classic style with a rich environment. You start in an industrial warehouse with a wide starting field. You are surrounded by many structures with stairs, steps, towers and other elements to help you move upwards.

Where to start?

In the game, it is advisable for you to study the location you are in and think about the route of advancement. Some of the paths may turn out to be dead ends. Having examined everything in advance, you will be able to plan the best route and climb to the highest point in a record amount of time. It is also worth mastering the control to understand the length of the jump, the presence of additional features. Here you are waiting for a colorful and exciting extreme adventure.

How to play?

The player has the opportunity to jump, move around the grounds, as well as cling to the edge of surfaces. With the help of such an arsenal of actions, you need to conquer the tops of the location to move higher and higher. When falling, you do not crash, but start from where you landed. It is worth studying the routes and act carefully, as the wrong movement will lead to a fall from the height and loss of progress.

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