Only Up GO Parkour

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Is this really happening to you? Amazing! It’s a surreal dreamscape, where the laws of physics seem to take a backseat! Ascend from the ground and unveil the mesmerizing vistas that await atop the precarious platforms. Discover how high you can truly soar. Are you ready to put your parkour skills to the test?

Thrills, Challenges, and Breathtaking Heights

This project promises not just challenges but also the sweet taste of triumph each time you land gracefully on a platform. As you ascend, obstacles multiply, the path becomes treacherous, and there are no safety nets in the form of checkpoints. Brace yourself for multiple attempts and celebrate your victories, no matter how small, as you strive to conquer the highest platform!
Furthermore, here you need not just jump on various objects, such as trucks or other hovering objects. You also have to show cool parkour. Imagine, it’s like you’re hanging by a thread over the abyss, barely holding on to the edge of a flying car with your fingers. That’s the extreme!

How to play

Learning the art of control is your ticket to success:
WASD: Navigate your way through the dreamlike landscape.
Spacebar: Take that courageous leap into the unknown with a mighty jump.
Shift: Shift into high gear; hold while moving to make your character sprint.
C: Toggle crouching on or off, adding a tactical edge to your maneuvers.
Good luck, buddy!

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