Escape The Backrooms

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Turn off the lights, grab a flashlight and prepare to immerse yourself in the madness that is the Backrooms! This game throws you into a nightmarish world that exists in the shadows, away from reality as we know it. It’s an endless maze of mundane, yellow-tinted rooms and your goal is to find a way out. Can you do that?

Make it out of this nightmarish maze!

From the very first second, the Backrooms send shivers down your sweaty spine. The walls are stained, the ceiling flickers with faulty fluorescent lights, and the air seems to give off eerie buzzing. It’s like being trapped in an eternal, run-down office building that oozes a sense of foreboding.

And this place has a habit of playing with your mind, too. The walls seem to shift, and the layout changes, trapping you in a perpetual loop of confusion and despair. As you navigate through this ominous realm, you’ll encounter strange anomalies that defy all logic. Rooms that seem to stretch on for miles, filled with inexplicable objects and furniture that should not be there. What not!

Beware of evil entities!

But that’s not all. The Backrooms are also inhabited by dangerous entities that lurk in the darkness, waiting to prey on unsuspecting explorers like yourself. To survive here, you’ll need to rely on your wits and resourcefulness. So be brave, but also be careful! Escape the Backrooms before this horrible place drives you insane and do it fast!

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