About fun site

Do you belong to gamers who are always in search for new adventures and thrills? Then you have arrived at the right destination. This is fan site for those who love action, speed and unexpected twists. Find a variety of stories where you are to complete weird tasks and missions. All you need is agility and perfectly-functioning reflexes. Do you have plenty of them? The you are you ready to start right now!

Run, jump and fight!

The selection of titles is impressive – you can test your speed and reaction in various parkour challenges. Learn to run along the roof avoiding multiple obstacles. Climb unbelievable barriers and jump over everything that can stop you. Some games will allow you to participate in epic confrontations or conduct evil experiments on stickmen. Just unleash your creativity and use your energy in the ways you have never done before. Become a fearless character that is not scared of any trials and can handle any challenge with ease. You can even manage to float in the air in some of the adventures!

Tickle your nerves against opponents

If you feel you are a nit exhausted after all these activities, try something new. For example, plunge into stories where you need to survive against evil opponents. Develop and apply cunning strategies to outperform your adversaries. And what is really cool – take on the role of a nasty monster yourself. No matter which title you opt for – endless fun and joy are promised. You will love an endless flow of activities. Test as many of them as you can to discover your favorite adventures.

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